#NABShow Day 03.02 @CodexDigital booth

An evolutionary year at NAB for the guys at Codex Digital, who were featuring two really interesting developments for the company.

Codex thunderbolt dock + Codex review + Vault




Codex has completely revamped their UI which looks really nice, modern and streamlined and added an impressive suite of features. The demo we had showed metadata editing, CDL grading, QC review. The performance from the connected thunderbolt dock was really impressive (500 meg/sec from dock to vault), and the playback control from the little touchscreen on the vault was astonishing when we found out we were looking at 4k playing back. I can see this suite of tools being the first real competition for Colorfront OSD in years.

Codex Action Cam.



This is really where you see that Codex is a company that has what a lot of other companies are only talking about on their roadmap- a technology platform that allows them to explore products that are outside their ‘core business’ but when you see them make so much sense and that also have that much-sought-after ‘cool’.

These little cameras that they’ve developed can be used as POV angle, witness cam, or to just give your VFX department a slightly offset element to extend plates. You could see how they could be applied for a 3d shoot as well. They are powered directly of an attached Codex Onboard and would give the DP an extra tool to maximize coverage on a shoot.

They look good and are just such a neat idea for the company.


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