Post Alliance sessions


I moderated a series of podcasts for the New York Post Alliance in September, October and November 2014 concerning the intricacies of editorial turnover for feature film finishing, in three parts covering picture, sound and VFX turnover. These are hosted on the PNYA podcast, and can be found here.

These feature interviews with top professionals working in the field, including Ian Blume (The Bourne Legacy, Chocolat, Doubt) , Alexa Zimmerman (Lee Daniel’s The Butler, Boardwalk Empire, Midsummer Night’s Dream), Zana Bochar (The Bourne Legacy, Noah), Chris Healer (Beasts Of The Southern Wild, A Walk Among The Tombstones), Matthew Schneider (Workflow R&D Technicolor Postworks).

Each episode can be listened to standalone, or as part of the ongoing series and is an in-depth look at the current workflow and processes going on in both Hollywood and Independant films today.

Thanks to Technicolor Postworks for their sponsorship and hosting of these events.

Podcast theme by Ben Pedersen.



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