#NABshow 2014- Day 01 Future Of Cinema

NAB day 01- Post Summit

Thanks to my good friends at Fox Searchlight, I was given a flex-pass for the summit in the weekend leading up to the National Association of Broadcasters trade show- the tech geek out orgy that is NAB.

These posts are meant to serve as a highlights reel of what I thought was interesting.

IMF- Interoperable Mastering Format. 

The IMF is one of those things that has been spoken about for two or three years, and is not becoming a reality. The IMF was first proposed a number of years ago, and a group of studios and interested parties took it up to SYMPTE to put a standard together much in the vein of what the DCI committee did for Digital Cinema recently.

The IMF is proposed to be a ‘Grand’ master format that encapsulates all of the various language and subtitle elements that make up an international master group, but in one package. It intends to do this without repeating or duplicating content- so for instance you would store your dialogue and fx tracks, and turn on and off the enclosed english, french, german dialogue tracks for every suitable market.

Annie Chang’s video below explains it much more succinctly, and is the basis of her presentation at NAB.  I think it’s a great idea that each studio didn’t invent their own format, but rather worked together through a standards committee to get this work done.

Already IMF compliance has been announced by Amberfin, Colorfornt, DVS, Fraunhoffer and others.

One of the biggest drawbacks that Annie stated was that she wanted DAM and MAM systems to also recognize and  be able to use the IMF elements contained in the package.


More on IMF here…

FAT Choi

The Fox boys and I hit Fat Choy for lunch- it’s a little out of the way, in a local casino, and doesn’t look like much, but it’s the most amazing American diner/ asian fusion I’ve had- and I’ve not had that before. Check it out, and try the duck and pork belly bao- usually a fluffy bun but kinda served like a burger. Awesome. Shout out to Scott Jackson, who knew the score.



S. Jackson lookin' all futuristic.

S. Jackson lookin’ all futuristic.

Laser Projection

This was an interesting demo on what’s possible with laser projection, especially for 3D. At the time I was watching it, it sparked an interesting conversation on Facebook between myself and stereographer friend of mine Marcus Alexander, who has done far more stereography that I have:

  • Ben Baker We’re knee deep in a conversation about the regulatory environment for lasers at the moment, and on laser ‘speckle’.. All in PowerPoint 1-d.. no images as yet.
  • Marcus Alexander PowerPoint. The future of visual presentations.
  • Ben Baker This is interesting- a ‘6primary’ color system- 3 for each eye- and glasses tuned to laser wavelengths.
  • Ben Baker This is now barco’s presentation. Still no images to look at..
    Marcus Alexander That hopefully means better news for DI – the filtration is a killer. Also opens up for more facilities to get things wrong – set the primaries per eye!
  • Ben Baker The promise is more consistent light both across the screen and over time it seems. A lot of them are talking about dci-compliance, so I wonder if there needs to be a specific laser projection master made. Probably does. Crap.
  • Ben Baker The thing is that the manufacturers are all pitching it to the exhibitor crowd, who only bought 2k dlp’s three years ago, and have no appetite for more purchases. Also I think the ‘3d bump’ in ticketing has died down a lot now.
  • Marcus Alexander It better have. As for mastering – it’s definitely studio specific and even then – they all have their preferences.
  • Ben Baker Yup- Christie guy said it all is colour timed specifically for 14fL
    Marcus Alexander Nice. It’s then simply a need for chains to buy it to make it the standard or else we are back into a world of calibrated environments are the approval. General distribution is a severe difference
  • Ben Baker Just saw the demo- trailers for Frozen, Hobbit 2. It was pretty impressive. Sharp, deep, bright. No separation at all that I saw, and I’m sitting way to the left up the front. The HFR hobbit looked better than I saw on a dlp in a cinema I must say.
  • Marcus Alexander That’s good to hear. Perceptual sharpness for post converted movies is a must and there’s obviously the issues with screen brightness.

So, that was day one. apart from sitting by the gondola in the Valazzo under an artificial sky, watching artificial gondoliers sing artificially to their marks in the boat, somehow having a romantic experience while rowing through a shopping mall.

Such is vegas.

Until Tomorrow..